Born from the union of passionate men and an exceptional terrain, Adalta is above all a collaboration based on trust: trust in this land and trust in those who work it daily. The vineyards, currently being converted into organic agriculture, have been carefully selected and are being closely observed in order to produce high quality grapes.


The DO Terra Alta was founded in 1982, the most southern wine region of Catalonia, and is located between the Ebro delta and the Aragon lands. Its sublime landscapes have allowed it to be recognized by UNESCO as a biodiversity reserve. Inland, its spectacular landscapes influenced by the Mediterranean offer an extremely varied flora. The limestone mountain ranges, pre-coastal traversed by rivers are sprinkled with green oak woods and white pine woods but also agricultural land for the cultivation of almond trees, vines and olive trees, typical crops of Terra Alta.

These lands benefit from a dry Mediterranean climate with a strong continental influence during the winter as well as an important exposure to the sun and a low rainfall (between 300 and 500 mm per year). Its two dominant winds are the “Cierzo” coming from the northwest and the “Garbinades”, sea winds from the south.
This magnificent terroir, kingdom of Grenache, gives the white and red autochthonous vines sublime characteristics, expressions of the Mediterranean limestone terroir.

D.O. Terra Alta

Terroir can be divided into three very specific zones: the plain “Plana”, the plateaus “Altiplano” and valleys “Valles”, located between 350 and 700 meters above sea level. The vineyard is cultivated in terraces, often natural, or in “bancals” shaped by the man. Its clay-limestone soil, poor in organic matter, of medium texture (neither too rocky nor too sandy) and of variable depth ensures an excellent drainage, which allows the plant to draw the water necessary for its blooming.


The plots of White Grenache come from the Altiplano and Plana, respectively at 500 and 350 meters above sea level. These are vines about 30 years old, without irrigation. The harvests are late, they are made around September 20 and the yield is about 35 hl / ha giving high quality juice.

The plot of Black Grenache comes from the Altiplano 700 meters above sea level, it is one of the highest parcels of Terra Alta. This fiftieth year old vine is not irrigated. Here again the harvest is late (around October 15th), and the yield is about 40 hl / ha. The altitude as well as the yield produce fruits of great delicacy and elegance.


Each parcel of vine is followed throughout the maturation to define the date of harvest for optimal maturity. Harvesting is done manually to preserve the integrity of the berries. Each parcel is vinified separately thanks to adapted equipment and the development of each wine is the subject of a know-how and care thanks to the professional mastery of the Terra Remota team, with the aim of obtaining wines of great subtlety.

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